Day 12 – Sunday July 2

Today’s quote: “Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones.”
Moving forward was the theme of Rachel and Eva’s devotion this morning and Rachel gave me permission to use her words here. She said, “Today we will be focussing on the theme of moving forward, and how we have done this, with the relationships and friendships we formed, the experiences discovered here in Thailand or even our endurance with God. Moving on has got to be one of the hardest areas us humans need guidance with. One thing for sure is that God never wants us to move backwards in life because you won’t experiences anything that will open your eyes to something new. When on this mission trip, it has been hard to mentally move on after hearing the many stories shared about Agape, Burma Rangers and Zoe’s Home that might hold us back and ask God if this is the path he wanted us to experience; the path that opens opportunities and tests our faith with Him. We can’t change the past of these children, but we can make tomorrow count by being committed to moving on with God and use every opportunity to make the future a better place for everyone. If we are committed with God to move on, to take on the next step that really scares us, then we can move on through anything. An example of this is found in Genesis 19 where it talks about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot was invited into Sodom with his family, but the angels warned them to flee Sodom before God destroyed it, and that’s what they did. God told Lot’s family to not turn back, but Lot’s wife turned around and became a pillar of salt. In other words she neglected to follow Gods warning and died as a result. Fortunately for us, we all receive similar warnings that make us move forward or backwards; it’s our calling to determine which one we choose as a response.”
A day at a resort was the plan for the day and we enjoyed the pool, badminton courts, squash courts, and then a buffet lunch. It was always intended to be the halfway point of the tour but we delayed it to coincide with the birthday celebration for our taxi driver Dar who celebrated his 44th today. We have known Dar and his wife Orr for 15 years ever since they started driving taxis for us on one of the very first end of year trips.
Church tonight was another awesome success, with all activities going to plan. Grace J and Ms De Zilva coordinated the two weeks program and pulled them off beautifully. All students who had roles to play also did an awesome job. We had some very positive comments back after last weeks program and the children responded to each activity with enthusiasm.
After church we tried out the Sunday walking market, and then got tuk tuks home again.
We finished the night with Miss Newlin sharing about her work up on the border. The children she is teaching have come from backgrounds so different to our own, and it was another eye opener. She shared how much they appreciate and value education, which caused our team members to re-evaluate our own priorities. Miss Newlin returns to the border on Tuesday but we have another day tomorrow to ask questions and find out more.
Sorry for the long one tonight – enjoy the photos. Keep moving forward!!!
Thai team and staff.

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