Day 9 – Wednesday 3rd January, 2018

Nathan, Nathan and Kevin led us this morning on the topic of making the most of our time and they reminded us again tonight of that message with their selection of today’s quote. It’s always great to hear from our students during our devotion times each trip and we have been challenged each day so far.  Tomorrow Rebekah D and Johanna have their chance to chat to us… stay tuned.

One group went on the Thai cooking course this morning and learned how to make a variety of Thai dishes. The other group went back to McKean to paint a front fence of a renovated house. The photos show our progress, and if we are clever enough to get the video clip of the cooking course on, you will see how much they were enjoying that too.

The usual Agape visit today had colouring as the craft activity, and volleyball and basketball as the active options. Before the older children got home, the younger ones who are schooled at Agape came across and made their beeline straight for the table with the colouring pens and outlines. Even some of our adults got their creative talents going and did some colouring with the kids.

After Agape we enjoyed a beautiful meal at Jane’s place before she shared her testimony with us. She has fostered 64 children over the last 30 years in Chiang Mai, preparing them for adoption. Currently she has boys who have been matched to NZ and Europe but are just waiting on approval and confirmation before they can be united with their forever families. For some of the boys this has been an 18 month waiting process, and we would hope that the final approval can be obtained quickly. She shared how she grew up thinking she would never be involved with kids, and how God guided her to this country and this role. We were inspired by her selflessness, amazed at her patience, and encouraged by her words. You may recall we visited Jane earlier in the trip when she and Laura shared their passion for the older teenagers that they work with. Both of these amazing ladies have opened their homes to babies and infants, and if that wasn’t enough, they continue to pour out their hearts to older Thai young people as well. I cannot recall too many meals with Jane over the years where she has been able to sit down and relax during a meal without 1, 2 or more children clamouring for her attention. If we can’t get inspired by people like this, we probably need to check if we still have a working pulse, and these were the thoughts of our team when we met later tonight to reflect on what we heard.

Team members shared time in their small groups again tonight, and are now getting a good night’s sleep before we go on a 2 day one night trek tomorrow. It will give us an awesome chance to see what Thai village life is like, as well as doing some elephant riding, bamboo rafting and enjoying God’s creation. This will mean you won’t get a blog or many photos tomorrow, but we will have a stack for you on Friday.

God Bless and good night.

Thai team.

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