Day 9 – Thursday January 3

It was an early start this morning as we woke up in Chiang Rai ready to teach at the Mae Chan school. We had been asked to take the Year 10, 11 and 12 students for a day of conversational English. Our day started with us joining the 900 strong student body for the morning assembly time. This included the Thai national anthem and some speeches. We were then invited on to the stage and were introduced, and then invited to sing the Australian national anthem.

Then it was down to business. Our first lessons split the students into 3 groups and we covered themes on the weather, body parts and emotions. The students were actively involved and enjoyed these smaller group activities. The we tried a trivia competition covering famous faces, logos, true false questions and multiple choice questions. This proved to be a lot of fun.

After a lunch provided by the school, we returned and played heaps of board games, focusing on our conversations and instructions. Amazing how games like UNO, rummikulb, who am I, and evn juggling can initiate conversations. The students loved it.

Our last part of the day was an Amazing Race event combined with a Minute to Win It competition. 21 different locations, including 4 minute to win it activities, had all the groups racing each other around the school finding answers and completing the team challenges. Bragging rights today went to Bree’s group who made it back first with all clues.

We stopped for a quick dinner in Chiang Rai on the way back to Chiang Mai, and we are currently in the back of the taxi trying to type this blog and upload photos while the vehicle is bouncing along. Suffice to say, I am hitting the backspace key more often than any other key, but hey while we have time, we might as well use it.

Tomorrow we will be back at McKean for our second work day, and this time we will also have a tour around the hospital, plus visit the handcraft room to buy some of their goods. Dr Trevor Smith will also address us on leprosy, how it is treated, and hoe McKean has moved from being a leprosy colony 100 years ago to a general hospital today.

Sobering to think that this time next week we will have left Chiang Mai and will be winding down in Hua Hin for 2 days. There is still much to do and see though so hang tight and enjoy the last 7 days with us.

God Bless

Thai team

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