Day 9 – Saturday June 23rd, 2018



As a team we started the day with worship, brought about as a result of the time we spent with Zoe’s Home yesterday. Then Jakin and Josh Z led us in devotions, on the theme of persevering and persisting without fear. Oddly enough, no birthdays today, but we did present Hayley with her birthday quote which said, “Birthdays remind me of an old Chinese scholar, called Yung No Mor.”  A few groans from the team, and some mutterings of “Dad jokes”, but we thank Tom Inman for inspiring this one.


Today was planned as an outing with the girls from the New Life Centre and we tried out the new water theme park with them. None of them had ever been on some of the slides before and they had a great time. The theme park management had someone taking photos today and they took over 800 of the things which Mrs Maidment is busy scrolling through now to show you what we got up to. The Thai sun caught a few team members out, so all team members are presently recovering and getting a good nights rest.


After the theme park we went to Jane Arnott’s house for dinner and a chat. Jane has been in Thailand since 1986, originally coming over on a two week mission trip as a new Christian. She shared how she came over to work as a receptionist, and how God exploded her own limited plans, and then led her to work at Agape for 18 years, whilst at the same time fostering children in her own home and preparing them for adoption to countries all over the world. The simple facts: 64 children fostered and nurtured in 30 years, and each one loved and cared for amazingly well. Some of us were amazed at how Jane could keep putting her hand up to take on sometimes up to 6 children at once, always knowing that one day the inevitable goodbye would have to be faced. Jane shared a story of one young girl who was adopted into a non-Christian family, and how she wondered if the Christian teaching and influence that she had poured into that girl would be worth anything. Jane had a chance to visit the girl one year later, and the girl went straight to her room and came back holding the cassette tape of the “Jesus songs” that Jane had given her, illustrating to Jane and to us all that even if we plant a seed, God can bring it to fruition. Jane’s challenge to us all at the end was to not limit God. Some inspiring stuff, and once again we are faced with what happens next? What do we do in response? Jane encouraged us all to look out for those in our society who need a hand, and to look for simple things we can do to help, so that families can stay together and grow together, which is God’s best intention for us all.


Some highlights:

  • Providing an excursion for 36 Thai ladies which they thoroughly enjoyed and being able to share the experience with them, despite the language barrier. One Thai girl came running up to me asking me to translate something for our team members. She asked me to tell them what reow reow meant, which means hurry, or quickly. It turns out our team members were walking too slow in between slides and the Thai girls wanted to get as many rides in as they could.
  • 64 children fostered in 30 years – what an act of service and love, devoting years and years to preparing children for their forever families. What a blessing for each of those families to adopt a child who had been loved and cared for in a Christian family atmosphere.
  • Some really positive feedback coming back from Sarah and Art in Chiang Rai about the teaching there this week.


Tomorrow we visit the Art in Paradise museum, and have a chance to admire some awesome artistic talent. We will also prepare for our second Sunday school program and will put together the 500 Good Life Club bags for the displaced refugees in and around Thailand. Tomorrow night we visit the night market in Chiang Mai too.


Have an awesome Sunday.


God Bless,

Thai team.

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