Day 8 – Tuesday 2nd December, 2018

The pressure was on today given that it was the last day of the New Year long weekend and a number of our jobs needed to be finished. Appropriate then that Shannan, Emily and Amy chose the topic of getting our priorities right this morning for devotions. The good news is that the kindergarten room was finished and looked amazing, the new room for McKean trainees was also completed, and we also managed to scrub down some fences for future painting groups. The most time consuming job for the day was the painting of the security bars on the windows of the aged care residence at Dok Gaew. In the end we unbolted all the bars, and painted them off the walls. It did make some of us query the effectiveness of security bars in Thailand given that we dismantled them fairly promptly. We need to find time in the next half of the trip to finish that job. Brad B also painted a door for some of the McKean missionaries. All in all, a very successful day’s work.

After showers back at the hotel, we went to Agape for the usual afternoon visit, then took some of the children out for a moogata dinner where you cook all your food yourself on charcoal barbeques in the middle of your tables. You need to imagine a venue which seats more than 1000 people with every table holding a barbeque and people cooking all sorts of meats and vegetables on them. The Agape children had a great time and educated our team members on what and how to cook each type.

Tonight back at the hotel, we put together 500 bags which will be given to displaced refugees in and around Thailand. Supplies of stationery, toiletries, food, toys were collected together in snap lock bags and then placed in cloth bags which have been diligently sewn by Oma, Henny, Marj, and also by Shirley and Henni Z back home. These ladies have been awesome in ensuring that our supplies always go out in a hand made bag, which is useful long after the food has been eaten and pencils used. We also included a hand written note for every bag letting the recipients know that they have friends around the world who are praying for them. We know that our 500 bags seems like a lot, but the reality is that there are over 1 000 000 displaced refugees in South East Asian countries alone. We will hand these bags over to those who will distribute them in coming months. We made it a bit of fun in the compilation to see if we could beat the Year 10 students record set in June of 17 minutes and 54 seconds, and fell short by 13 second – a pretty amazing effort!!

Tomorrow we have given team members the option of a cooking course or a half day of work. We will spend tomorrow night hearing from Jane about her work over 30 years in Thailand in fostering over 60 children and preparing them for adoption. She is an inspirational and selfless person who we will no doubt learn a lot from.

Blessing to our family and friends – tomorrow is the half way mark of the trip – we hope you are all coping without your family members here. We are enjoying what they bring to our team.

God Bless,

Thai Team

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