Day 8 – Friday June 22nd, 2018


Jacob and Levi had the honour of leading us this morning and encouraged us to do our  best with what we had. Levi reiterated this thought with their selection of tonight’s quote. Hayley celebrated her birthday today which made it 3 in a row for our team this week. The special birthday quote we have selected for Hayley was inspired by her older brother Thomas’s congratulatory message this morning, but we have not presented Hayley with it yet, so that information will come tomorrow.


It was yet another early start this morning with us due at the school at 8am but the early morning drizzle meant that the planned school assembly was cancelled and we went straight into activities. We had three groups doing a combination of plasticene construction and active games and they had a great time. Then it was time for the party, With thanks to Berwick soccer club and Melbourne United basketball clubwe were able to present all children with either a shirt, or a playing outfit, or a backpack. There are heaps of photos of some happy recipients.


We left Mae Chan at 10:30 for the drive back to Chiang Mai, but had a scheduled stop at Zoe’s Home. This organisation deals with prevention and intervention of children at risk from human trafficking and they do an amazing job. We met with David and Ben who shared their stories, and spoke about the work of Zoe’s Home. Ample opportunity was given for questions and they answered each one, giving us a real insight into this issue which we hear about back home, but tend to think does not exist.


After a dinner together with David and Ben and their families we joined the Zoe family for their Friday night worship time. Some of the words used to describe it included: real, passionate and inspiring. They sang in English and Thai and blew us away. I have sat here staring at my screen trying to think of words which do it justice, and I can’t. Make a point of asking a team member about the worship service at Zoe’s Home when they get back, and I hope they can do a better job. Those of you who have been with us before can no doubt appreciate what we witnessed tonight.



Some highlights:

  • The farewell from the kids at the school as we left today, plus the joy on their faces when they each came up to receive their gift.
  • Safe travel back to Chiang Mai.
  • Zoe’s Home – say no more – it was awesome!
  • A phone conversation with Heather Smith at McKean today who relayed a conversation she had with one of the elderly residents along the road which we cleaned last week. He said, “ I used to sit in my wheelchair and look at the dirty wall in front of my house, and wonder what could I do about it. Now I sit in my wheelchair and look at the clean wall. Thank you.”


Tomorrow we are taking the New Life Centre girls on an outing to a new water theme park that they have never been to before. Last week at the Moogata dinner they were asking all about it and saying how keen they were to try it out,. We will finish the day at Jane Arnott’s house for dinner, hearing her talk about the 60+ children she has fostered by herself over the last 30 years. It promises to be another inspirational event for us.


Half way mark of our time in Chiang Mai today, with many memories so far and more to come. Stay tuned.


God Bless,

Thai team.

4 responses to “Day 8 – Friday June 22nd, 2018

  1. Hi Courtney,
    The expressions on the children’s faces speak volumes and a demonstration of their appreciation – just so humbling to see. Blessings to each of you who have made the trip to bless your precious buddies and reflect the love of God. Another bust day by all accounts – would love to hear about the worship , on your return. Have an amazing day. Love to all including best wishes to the “Birthday Kids!”
    Mrs. Alley

  2. What an amazing array of photos capturing just how busy, impactful and fun our team are being. Just amazing. I’m excited to see and hear how God has worked in each of you and how you will use all that He has shown you moving forward from your time in Thailand. Happiest of birthdays to my now 16 year old hayley. What a memorable way to celebrate such a milestone and to do it as part of a string of celebrations – just incredible. I love you and miss you and and am so very proud of you.
    Mrs Inman

  3. Glad to see that they’re all having a good time. I also had a little chuckle when Hayley sent me the quote you selected for her. Hopefully the rest of the trip is tons of fun for you all

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