Day 7 Tuesday June 27

to keep contributing and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They quoted Mother Teresa who talked about service acts being like drops in the ocean, but the ocean would not be the same without them.

This morning we headed up to Mae Wang district for some bamboo rafting. Long bamboo poles lashed together with a pole driver at the front and 3-4 of us sitting behind and we enjoyed some picturesque scenery along with a few elephants along the way. It was certainly not something most team members have ever done before.

Heading back to Chiang Mai we grabbed some lunch at Central before returning to Agape. This time we had the pre school age group coming out for a swim. They started very nervously but quickly warmed to the excitement, and by the end some of them did not want to get out of the water.

Team members had three options tonight. They could go to the international church prayer meeting, or they could do the traditional Thai photos, or they could hang out together back at green lodge. We all met back together at 9pm to hear from Dr Trevor Smith about leprosy, the treatment of leprosy at McKean, and how people with leprosy are reintegrated back into society when previously they have been rejected by the families and villages. Some team members had done their research and came up with the right answers, or most of them.

At the moment it is raining so our plans for a work day might have to change but we intend to head back to McKean to finish some more jobs. We will also spend time with the staff at Thai Village Handcrafts and also the Free Burma Rangers hearing about their work. From there we go to Agape for another play afternoon, before finishing the day watching a movie together.

It feels like a lot longer but one week ago today we left Melbourne. What an amazing week it has been, with plenty of lessons to learn, and plenty still to come. We trust that you too have had a great week and that you too can impact those around you each day.

God Bless,

Thai team and staff

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