Day 7 – Thursday June 21st

Hayley and Sarah were listed to lead us in devotions this morning which was in a change of venue here at the Sing Suwan Hotel in Mae Chan. Tobin celebrated his 16th birthday today also, and we saved a special quote for him which quoted Jeremiah 17:7 saying, “But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.”

A very early start this morning with breakfast at 6:30, and a trip to the school we were teaching at in order to get there by 8am for the school assembly and official welcome. Without notice we were invited to the stage where they asked us to sing the Australian national anthem (must have been the first time ever heard there), and then the announcer interviewed a few students. Then it was off to another assembly this time with the primary school, for more introductions, and the Thai kids sang Happy Birthday to Sienna, Tobin, Hayley and Jakin.

Once that assembly was over, we were quickly into the thick of things, running 55 minute lessons on the themes of greetings, numbers, body parts, days of the week and emotions. For the most part, the Thai students were great, hugely enthusiastic and loving the interaction with our team. Kane’s dancing brought squeals of laughter every time, and Tobin and Erin ended up chatting to some Year 10 students whose teacher thought the primary English camp was better than their regular lesson, and they joined in some of the activities. The day finished at 3:30 after 5 teaching sessions and a very nice lunch put on by the school. We stayed on for some sports time and finally left at 5pm. We tried out the Chiang Rai night market and are now back at the hotel getting a good nights sleep in preparation for the day tomorrow.

Some highlights:

  • Kane’s dancing in the Monday Tuesday song.
  • Georghia and Nathan J gathering their respective squad members for a cheerleading duel which ended up being heaps of noise, but thoroughly enjoyable for those involved. It was a points decision win for Georghia, but Nathan is predicting a late charge tomorrow which may get him over the line.
  • Tobin and Erin taking the initiative to spend time with the Year 10s who visited their activity group.
  • The joy on the Thai kids faces as they interacted with our students, as they danced, sang and played in each of the activities.

We are back at the school tomorrow for a couple of hours before we travel back, stopping in at Zoe’s Home to see their work, learn about human trafficking and intervention and prevention. One amazing experience is always the worship service we share with them, but more to come on that tomorrow.

Amazingly, this time last week, we were just leaving Melbourne, but it feels like so much longer.

God Bless,
Thai team.

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  1. Hi Courtney,
    What an exciting and busy day you have all had! As usual it is lovely to see the photos. Well done to all of you for your contribution to an amazing day. God is indeed able to do all things .. very well. Have a lovely day.
    Mrs. Alley

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