Day 7 Monday January 1st, 2018

After a devotion this morning based around the poem by Linda Ellis called ‘The Dash’, which challenged us to maximise our time not only on this trip, but also in our own lives, the year started with every work team smashing out their jobs. The kindergarten room now has a feature wall of a caterpillar and there are walls with lettering and numbers, others with flowers, and Noah’s Ark will feature prominently on the back wall in tomorrow’s pictures. The team painting the training centre at McKean finished their work by 11 and quickly re-deployed to other work. We also sent small groups out moving furniture around the hospital. Various Thai staff complemented the teams on the standard of the work and they always comment about how the teams seem to enjoy working together.

We worked through till 1:30 this afternoon and then went for lunch. That gave us an opportunity to get back to Green Lodge for showers before going to Agape. Origami was the craft activity today led by Kevin and Shannan, and soccer, basketball and volleyball were also popular.

A short tour through the Monday-Tuesday market followed the Agape visit, and our small group study tonight focused on building each other up. We also started our preparations for the teaching day at CMIS next week.

Special commendations today go to:

  • Johanna who has been an awesome mentor to some of the younger children who have accompanied us on various days.
  • Our more chronologically mature ladies (Oma, Henny and Marj), who have been sewing up a storm, getting 500 cloth bags ready for us to fill with the supplies for the displaced refugees. Such a blessing to put all the supplies together in a bag that will last.

To the Cook family who would have been part of our team this trip – we miss you, we prayed for you, and we extend our condolences to you at this time. May God bless you heaps and give you His peace as you remember your father/grandfather.

To all of you – we hope your first day of 2018 was successful, enjoyable, and a blessing to others.

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