Day 6 – Wednesday June 20th

Kayleb and Ethan led us in devotions this morning. Kayleb shared some of his journey of faith. We have been blessed with our student led devotions at the start of each day. Sienna celebrated her 16th birthday today also, and we saved a special quote for her which read something like this, “Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer.”

A slightly later start than usual this morning, but the beginning of a new adventure. We have travelled up by taxi to Chiang Rai, a smaller city in the northern part of Thailand, and then an extra half hour more up to Mae Chan, where Sarah and Art live and work. Sarah travelled with a couple of our earlier teams a few years ago and is now living here with her husband Art and two small children (Simeon and Elizabeth). They have spent time developing relationships with the local school and are well received there. We will be teaching the children from Grades 1-6 tomorrow all day. Our teaching efforts on Monday were always intended to be the practise runs for the big one tomorrow where we are going to be taking classes of 40 children at a time. We know our activities are appropriate, and that we have enough material to keep them occupied for whatever time frame we are given. Chances are strong that Mr Smith or Mr Kan will be the first to scare one of the Grade 1 children, hopefully not to tears!!

We stopped for lunch at a hot springs place, and made it to the school by the end of the regular day, so that we could meet some of the children and sort out where we would be best suited to teach. We are currently in small group studies at a small hotel in Mae Chan, and will get an early night in readiness for breakfast at 7am.

Some highlights:

  • Safe travel through the mountains, with some beautiful scenery. The rains came down when we were safely parked in the hotel so we did not need to drive through difficult conditions.
  • Many opportunities to sing Happy Birthday to Sienna.
  • The chance to see what Sarah and Art have been doing here for the last couple of years. They introduced us to a Thai teacher who is the only Christian on staff, so it is awesome to work with her tomorrow and provide an enjoyable program for her students. God has opened many doors and opportunities for them to work within this school community, and children are being invited to church as a result.

Thanks for the support and encouragement you are sending through to all team members. We trust you feel like you are part of our journey through the blog and photos each night. Thailand is an amazing place and as we travel around we marvel at the differences we see.
Can I encourage you to take the time when looking through the photos to comment or encourage when you see a good one, instead of just liking the photo.

God Bless,
Thai team.

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  1. Oh wow thank you for sharing your experiences what an amazing time you are all having. A most appropriate word to describe you guys and what you are doing is AWSOME. My prayers and heartfelt love to each and everyone of you. Bring back that awesomeness and 90% reaction. Courtney Cameron an extra dose of love to you

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