Day 6 – Sunday December 31st, 2017



New Year’s Eve started with Lauren and Rebekah Crawley leading our devotions, and then we headed out on an optional activity day. 18 of us went for a cycling tour of Chiang Mai, taking in the ruins of the old city of Wiang Kum Khan, plus McKean before pedalling back into town – total distance 33 kilometres. The other 11 team members went to the elephant camp to watch the show and ride elephants.

This afternoon was our opportunity to run Sunday School for the Chiang Mai Community Church children. Lauren, Rebekah and Zack coordinated the program based around the parable of the lost sheep, and one highlight was TJ being the lost sheep bleating in the corner of the room before the shepherd (Andrew) found him and carried him back to the fold. It was a very smooth program with the craft activities, songs games and story line tied together nicely.

Tonight after a short stint in the night market, we spent some time in worship and prayer, focussing on the challenges which lay ahead for many team members. We have many going into Year 12, some in to university and it was unifying to spend time together that way. Then we broke into small groups again before making our way to the rooftop of the hotel to watch the fireworks bring in the New Year. That was spectacular!

So it is January 1 as we write this and we have to be up early to keep working on the school kindergarten room that needs murals done before Wednesday.

May God Bless you all and Happy New Year.

Thai Team

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