Day 5 Tuesday 19th June, 2018

Devotions from Tobin and Chester started our day, and they challenged us to trust in God’s way and not in our own way. This message was also clearly articulated tonight by David Eubank who shared with us of his experiences in running relief teams in Burma,  Syria and Sudan over the last 20 years.

It was back to Suepnateetum School this morning to keep going with our painting efforts, but this time we also had a 200 metre plus stretch of fence to scrub down. This fence or wall lines the street of the retirement village at McKean, and it was important that we do a good job for the residents who lived there. In a 3 hour time frame, we easily got through probably 70% of the total distance, with one pressure hose backing up the work of 20 scrubbers. The recent wet season rains had spread a constant layer of mud and dirt over the base of the wall, so it took some serious elbow grease to get it off.

For those of you who have been with us before, we then enjoyed khao soi, spring rolls and satay sticks before coming back to Green Lodge for a 30 minute turn around.

The rest of our day was spent with David and Karen Eubank and their children. The Eubank family started the Free Burma Rangers movement over 20 years ago, and have since been also running relief teams into countries like Syria, Sudan and of course Burma. Their stories were inspirational, their faith in God through tough and dangerous circumstances was amazing, and their commitment to bring light life and hope to those in need left us with much to ponder. There is so much wrong going on in our world, and the Eubanks spend their time trying to make it right. We were privileged to hear about their work and be guests in their home tonight.

David’s challenge for our team was simple, yet it summed up everything he has done in his service here – love. God is love, and we should love our neighbours, and look after them. Karen added being obedient to God’s calling and doing your best in whatever direction He takes you. Much to think about.

Some highlights:

  • The Eubank family – examples of service, faithfulness, love for others, obedience to God, and fearlessness in tough and dangerous circumstances.
  • Quality work this morning – great results, awesome feedback and brilliant team work, especially when Josh Patton spilled some paint in the taxi at the end. Every member of the taxi, played their part in washing out the taxi, scrubbing the floors
  • Mr Kan and Miss Rus nominated Georghia as highlights today for her efforts in painting, plus her willingness to try the zipline at David’s ranch.
  • Joshua Patton needing to be hosed down with pink paint all over his legs and shoes, and the taxi. We will provide Pee Lop, (taxi driver) with a new mat for his taxi to replace the one with pink streaks on it now.

Tomorrow we change gears a bit and travel to Chiang Rai where we will teach English on Thursday.  We are confident that our students will be great teachers given how well they did yesterday. We also celebrate birthdays for Sienna (20th), Tobin (21st) and Hayley (22nd) whilst away. We will try to add photos and our daily reports.

We are conscious of the prayers and support we are receiving from home while we are in Thailand, but our team are also thinking of the remaining year 10 cohort who have started their local mission outreach this week. We pray that they too will be inspired by the people they meet and the organisations they work with. It will be pretty interesting when the two groups reunite to compare stories and reflections.

Thanks for the messages and support – all doing well and learning heaps. God is amazing.

7 responses to “Day 5 Tuesday 19th June, 2018

  1. Happy 16th Birthday Sienna Charalambous. What a way to celebrate such a milestone. You are amazing and I am praying God’s blessings over you as you celebrate your birthday in such a unique and special way. I know the team and staff will make it one to remember.
    Love Mrs Inman

  2. I am loving seeing all these photos of you guys. It’s the highlight of my day to see them all. Especially all your smiling faces and all the hard work you are doing. I’m also very thankful for the very detailed report that goes along with them. Keep up the great work guys and a huge thank you to all the teachers who make this possible for our kids to be able to do this. Still covering you in prayer. Fiona (Mrs Walker) xo

  3. I look forward every morning to seeing and reading the post on your day activities. Georghia, Grandma is very proud of all you are doing and I know God has something special that He is going to bless you with.(I really love the photos) Thank you all for sharing your love and all the work that you all are doing in Thailand. Happy birthday to all that are celebrating their birthdays in such a special way. you will always remember this amazing day. God Bless Love Gloria Bennett

  4. Looking so good team, and soooo warm. Courtney Cameron a big hug from Sue Cleeland, praying for you beautiful girl.

  5. Hey Guys,

    We have loved looking at all of your photos in Home group!! Happy birthday for Hayley tomorrow! We are praying for you guys and can’t wait to hear more stories.

    From Grevillea 1 & 3

  6. Hi Courtney,
    The photos are always such a blessing – you all look very well! Really praying that the visit to the Primary School today will go well and that you and the Team will be amazed at what God will do there simply because of His promises particularly in Eph. 3:20. ACACIA 5 and I prayed for you all this morning-have a lovey day secure in the knowledge that God has taken of all things. Blessings.
    Mrs. Alley

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