Day 5 – Sunday December 30th

Katelin shared with us this morning encouraging us to always put our trust in God and to remember that He is in control and knows the bigger picture, so much more than we do.

We had the opportunity to appreciate some of Thai historical and cultural differences this morning when we went to the Mae Sa elephant camp. Quite amazing what they are able to do and we enjoyed the time with our Thai friends as well.

In the early afternoon we went to Makro to buy enough supplies to put together the Good Life Club bags for the Free Burma Rangers. Now our next task is to sort it all out and put the bags together.

This was then followed by our Sunday school program, and we were very pleased with how our first session went. We had about 25-30 children spread across 3 age groups, and they enjoyed a range of songs, games, dramas and craft activities. Our theme was Faith and Hope, focusing on the stories of Daniel in the Lions Den, and David and Goliath. The regular teacher, Angela was grateful for our team coming in to teach for a few weeks.

We have been joined today by Miss Jessica Newlin, a former teacher at Maranatha, and two of her teacher friends from her school on the Thai-Burma border. As I write this, the three ladies are sharing about their work. Jess’s two friends have come from oppressed ethnic backgrounds, but have graduated through the school on the border and are now teaching there as well. It has been a feature of our trip that we have been able to learn from various visiting speakers and hear their story, and tonight has been another special occasion. As foreigners, we really do have no idea about how difficult life can be for people in developing countries. Some of the stories we have heard tonight have reinforced that to us once again.

Tomorrow we split our team into two smaller groups, with one group returning to Agape to continue with skipping ropes, and the other group painting at Laura’s home. Laura is an Aussie lady who has lived and worked in Thailand for about 15 years. In that time she has fostered babies as well as opening up her home to teenagers and young adults helping them to transition into adulthood. We will be painting a room of her house which is earmarked to be a drop in centre or haven for young adults when they need some help. We will finish 2018 by trooping up to the roof to watch the fireworks explode all over Chiang Mai.

Praise points:

  • Safe travel for Jess and her two friends who spent 7-8 hours on buses today just to get here.
  • A well-executed Sunday school program
  • Continued positive relationships within the team

Prayer points:

  • We head to Chiang Rai on Wednesday and will teach all day Thursday, so we need to have our plans and lessons ready to go. This will be a focus of our next few days.
  • Continued safety on the roads around this busy New Year time
  • Productive work days tomorrow and Tuesday.

Finally, without Jess knowing what Katelin had shared this morning, Jess herself talked about God’s bigger plan for each of our lives being so much better than our own plans, so it fitted in beautifully with what we had heard this morning.

Good night and we look forward to the last day of 2018.

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