Day 5 – Saturday December 30th, 2017

Zack and Jazz led us this morning in devotions, talking about encouragement. This was very apt as we went through a long and tiring day.

We had an awesome morning with the Agape children, making fruit skewers, playing volleyball and basketball, and creatively making masks. This all happened before we sat down to a sukiyaki lunch with the kids and the special treat of ice cream afterwards. Some of the older children were so involved with us in preparing the fruit – that was lots of fun interacting with them.

After lunch we headed to Soopnateeteum school which is opposite the entrance to McKean. We have been asked to paint their kindergarten room with murals and cartoons, but when we went out to look and plan the work, we realised that the walls needed to be painted first before any creative cartoons could be added. So this afternoon we hoped to scrub down the walls and have the room ready to paint on Monday. Such was the workrate and productivity though, that we managed to get a first coat of green paint on all the walls (over 50 square metres), and the feature walls where the cartoons are going to go got a second coat. This means that on Monday we can do the second coat, and start pencilling in all our pictures, and we are breathing much easier now, knowing that by Wednesday when their kids come back to school that their rooms will be ready. Check out the photos – we like the green look much better than the previous pink/purple/cream combinations. It did take us until 6 pm to get it done, but as a team – we smashed it!!!!

After a short night market stint, we spent some time preparing for Sunday school tomorrow night, and also did some work preparing for programmes and activities happening later in the trip.

Our New Year’s Eve will be spent doing a bike ride around Chiang Mai, or going to the elephants, then coming back together for Sunday school before rounding out the year up on the roof of the hotel watching the Chiang Mai skyline light up with fireworks. We hope you too have a magnificent end to 2017, and that 2018 is all you wish for. May God continue to bless each conversation and interaction we have with the people around us, regardless of which country we are in.

Blessings to you all from the team.


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