Day 4 – Saturday December 29th

Day 4 – Saturday December 29th

Thanks to Danni and Taylah who led our devotions this morning, encouraging us to be the change we wished to see in the world and not waiting for someone else to step up and do something.

There won’t be a heap of photos today as we were doing the same work as yesterday and today we were super focused, with the aim of going above 2000 skipping ropes. The good news is that we did achieve that goal, with the aid of many older Agape children who were proficient at packaging up the finished of products. Our intention was to give the project a kick start that the Agape family can continue on with.

After lunch we returned to Agape for an hour to hang out with some of the children we had not seen during the morning.

The rest of our afternoon was spend preparing for our Sunday school program tomorrow afternoon. Ben and Brad have prepared a lesson on Faith and Hope and the beauty of tomorrow is that it is all to be done in English with the international church community kids. Great to see each age group of leaders working together so well, and we look forward to the first of two sessions.

Tonight we had the night off and enjoyed the movie ‘Mary Poppins’ together. Tomorrow it’s a cultural excursion to the elephant camp, then a chance to purchase the materials we need to put together Good Life Club packs for the displaced refugees in and around Thailand. And of course the afternoon will be spent at Chiang Mai Community Church. We also get to reunite with Miss Newlin (former Maranatha teacher) who is working at a school on the Thai – Burma border teaching English.

God Bless you all, from a tired but efficiently functional team here in Chiang Mai


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