Day 4 – Monday 18th June, 2018

Devotions from Sienna and Ashlyn started our day, and they challenged us to be grateful for what we do have and not worry about what we don’t have. That’s a reminder we could hear over and over again wherever we are, isn’t it?

It was off to Suepnateetum School this morning which is directly across from McKean Hospital. We had three groups teaching English in the morning, while the other two groups started the painting project in the kinder areas of the school. It started as one exterior wall, and by the end of the day, we had done three exterior walls, half the interior of the main dining room, plus scrubbed down a festy wet area where the drink taps tend to spray all over the wall. The penny dropped when I saw two staff moving the staff motorbikes from the parking area, and I asked why and they just smiled and pointed at the completed wall and the students who were enjoying the task.

The groups teaching English covered topics of emotions, greetings, and numbers, and by the end of the morning session, our students were quite comfortable leading the groups and had pitched their lessons at the right levels. Great to see any inhibitions evaporating with enthusiastic singing, explanations, and mentoring being features of the lessons.

We broke for lunch and swapped roles, with three new activities being days of the week, body parts and simple team games. Once again the lessons were well received. Check out the photos also for the completed work projects.

After a full day of teaching and working, we headed to Agape and the daily volleyball match resumed, and even kept going when the heavens opened and the rain poured down. Miss Rus taught her mate to sing a well-known rock song, and he insisted on taking her around to most of the adults on the premises to sing the song to them. Once the rain stopped we dropped in at the Monday Tuesday market for dinner and a quick shop before coming back to Green Lodge.

Some highlights:

  • Students teaching English, and working together in their teams to deliver some quality lessons.
  • Sarah T’s lost glasses were found in the dark out at Agape well after she had left them there, undamaged and just a little wet. An answer to prayer.
  • Every time we travel anywhere it is great to see our team mixing easily. It can often be the case that taxis groups become predictable and “cliquey”, but this has not been the case at all.
  • Ryan’s highlight was the volleyball game in the rain and teaching his activities.
  • As we left the school today, the teacher asked if we could come back and play soccer with their kids. Jacob did not need to be asked a second time – he volunteered to organise it.
  • Our American friends left this morning to return home, and we farewelled them with a gift of some Vegemite. Not sure if they really appreciated the taste, but it will make for some interesting reactions when they get home.

Tomorrow we continue to work at Suepnateetum school and at McKean Hospital, then head out to visit David and Karen and hear about their work in Thailand, Burma, Sudan and lately Syria. We are always inspired when we hear stories of what they do to help others in need.  It will be an amazing time.

God Bless you all, and have a great Tuesday. Mrs Dutlow – how did your Cats go on the weekend?

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  1. Hey Mr Smith. My Cats did okay hey!! I bet you were nervous at the 3rd quarter!! We are GEELONG!!
    Hello to Zacky and Prior my prayer boys and all our Year 10s. So excited to hear and see what you are doing. Love the creativity in the painting!!!

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