Day 4 – Friday December 29th, 2017

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter ‘P’.

Pleasurable experiences: We took 11 small Thai kids who live in foster homes here in Chiang Mai to the Hidden Village, a dinosaur park. At first the toddlers (all around 2 years of age) were incredibly shy and would not go near many of the team, but over the course of the morning and the lunch that followed, they warmed to us and we were able to enjoy the sights of the park. There won’t be many photos of the Thai kids from today, as we should not be posting their pictures on social media, but believe us when we say it was well worth the time and greatly appreciated by those looking after these kids. The venue put on a special buffet lunch for us all which was sensational and the kids lapped that up, then went back to the playground to work off the big meal.

Productivity: In the afternoon we went to Agape earlier than usual to do some gardening and maintenance work. The area around the pool was weeded, concrete paths were rediscovered, and the hedges and bushes were trimmed and sculpted. It looked so much better when we finished, and then as usual, we had crafts and activities with the kids. Volleyball was once again a big hit.

Preparation: We sent a small team out to a Christian school this morning. They have asked our team to paint their kindergarten room with murals, cartoons and appealing pictures. Our advance team discovered this morning that we will need to repaint the base colours on the walls first before any cartoons are attempted, so tomorrow we will head back there all together to scrub the walls down, lay down paper, move furniture and get things ready, because on Monday and Tuesday that room will be transformed and the kids will come back to school on January 3 to a brand new setting. The challenge for us is that there is about 50 square metres of painting and edging to do even before the mural team starts their work.

Preparation continued tonight when we went to Makro to buy enough materials and supplies to fill 500 bags which we will make and give to the Christians Concerned for Burma organisation. These bags will be given to displaced refugees. We now need to get rid of all the excess packaging from our purchases before we can fill the bags.

Praise and Prayer: we finished the night together singing (thanks Ryan and Johanna for leading) and then spent time in our small groups again, sharing and praying together.

Two days left of 2017. We hope you are all enjoying the finish to this year and that you too are finding ways to utilise your gifts and abilities in service for others. We have some tired bodies heading to bed now, but they are doing really well and are a pleasure to work with.

God Bless,

Thai team.

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