Day 3 – Thursday December 28th, 2017

After devotions this morning which focused on not being anxious and relying on God in all situations, we headed back to McKean for our second day of work. We had a team painting a building which is going to be a training centre for hospital staff, we had a team sanding back the security bars on the aged care residence, and our third team continued the painting of the cottages we started yesterday. The training centre first coat was done in 2 hours, the de-rusting group were filthy but also finished before lunch and the cottage painters did all four porches as required. Obviously now that the de-rusting is complete, we now look at the prospect of painting the bars next week, and we will put the second coat on the building over the long weekend. Great to work with a team who did not complain about any of the jobs they were asked to do, and they pitched in and smashed each job out in quick time. Who said hard work could not be fun???

After lunch and showers back at the hotel, we headed to Agape again to do crafts and activities with the kids. The rain persisted so the volleyball game was cut short, but the wiggly snakes craft activity was a winner, and the pipe cleaners we provided also became sunglasses frames and other shapes.

After dinner we visited Jane’s place and both she and Laura shared their passion for young people who leave orphanages and institutions. Often these young people are not prepared for the cut and thrust of independent living, and Jane and Laura have an opportunity and the passion to work with these young adults to make that transition easier. It was a stark reminder to our team about the blessings that we take for granted, and how we do not fully appreciate our families, upbringing, or local community support systems. Jane and Laura would value our prayers and support as they look to find venues suitable for housing, employment opportunities for these teenagers, and all the other logistical arrangements that come with this sort of project. Any financial assistance we can provide from home would certainly be used for a very worthwhile cause.

We started our small group devotions tonight, sharing about the need to change the world around us by changing ourselves first. One of the questions we asked was “What do people see when they see us here in Thailand?” We discussed the various reasons people have for coming to Thailand and how we needed to ensure that our time here did not mislead people. It was encouraging to hear team members share their thoughts, and we look forward to a series of studies over the next two weeks.

Tomorrow we take both Jane and Laura’s foster kids out for an excursion to the Dinosaur Park. Hopefully all the toddlers who come with us won’t be daunted by the larger team members, and we will be able to spend some one on one time with them.

A final comment for tonight about our team and how they are pitching in and doing things to help when they see a need. Today’s notable deed was done by TJ and Nathan who packed up the chairs at the end of the activity, wiped and washed down the tables, and cleared up the mess. It’s nice to have people looking for opportunities to help without having to enlist support.

Enjoy your Friday everyone and God Bless,

Thai Team.

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