Day 3 – Sunday 17th June, 2018

Devotions from Elliott and Ryan started our day, and they reminded us about the importance of priorities in our lives.

It was a cultural morning this morning, with a trip to the elephant camp where we enjoyed a 15 minute ride and then the show where the elephants played soccer, painted, played harmonicas, threw darts and hauled logs. From the elephants we grabbed some lunch, then went to purchase all the supplies we will need to fill the Good Life Club bags next week, which will be given to the displaced refugees in and around Thailand. It was quite the full taxi when we brought it all out.

The major focus of our day was running Sunday school at Chiang Mai Community Church. Numbers were down a little with many families away over the summer break here, but many of the children knew the Aussies were coming, and were excited to join in with all the activities. The program went off very well and there are some photos on the site tonight.

We visited the Sunday walking market and then caught tuk tuks home, before planning our teaching activities for tomorrow.

Our team is still up at the moment, because an American mission group have joined us at Green Lodge for tonight and they fly out tomorrow. When they came up to say hello, their high school aged students quickly merged in with ours and they are all sharing stories at the moment.

Some highlights:

  • Leadership roles in the Sunday school program were handled very well – awesome chances for some students to shine.
  • Ella spent time with one young boy and was amazed at what he knew in terms of general knowledge.
  • Elephant riding was a first today for most people.
  • Kane commented today that all he ate at the moogata dinner last night was lettuce, because he thought some of the Thai girls would do all the cooking for him, and they spent their time cooking for themselves.
  • The instruction at the end of church to go and meet someone from Chiang Mai and find out something about their work was handled maturely and we learned lots about a variety of people.

Tomorrow we teach and work at Suepnateetum school, then head back to Agape. It will be a long day and we hope a rewarding one.

God Bless you all, and have a great Monday.

4 responses to “Day 3 – Sunday 17th June, 2018

  1. Hopefully we might get a copy of these wonderful photo’s on their return as they are very small and I can’t work out a way to enlarge them. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Looks like you’re all having an awesome time. Chester and Tobin – I forgot to let you know that I will be praying specifically for the 2 of you through your experiences in Thailand (as well as the trip in general of course!). I pray that you have a really special time and that you both continue to grow into productive and fruitful young men of God. I’ll follow along from home – if you have anything specific to pray for, send me an email or fb message.

  3. Hey Guys,

    The trip looks awesome so far! You are all in our prayers. We are very jealous of the warm weather pics, the weekend was sooo wet and cold. Nathan – the elephant rides looks awesome and I hope Agape was amazing. We missed you in Home group, but FYI your games team won for the semester. Not quite as exciting as what you are experiencing though! Praying for you and that God does awesome things in you throughout this trip. Can’t wait to hear about it all when you are back 🙂

  4. Hi Courtney,
    Another exciting and busy day by all accounts-praying that you will enjoy another day of blessings and challenges. Isaiah 43:1.
    Have a lovely day.

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