Day 3 – Friday December 28th

Bree celebrated her 17th birthday with us today and she knows that the uniqueness of today will never be replicated again.

The quote above finished our day but it started with Sharon and Johanna’s devotion on having the faith of a mustard seed. We have worked and visited with people today whose lives have been inspirational, but nothing would have happened if they had not demonstrated some level of faith.

Our work day today was at Agape where we were assembling the first load of what will be 20000 skipping ropes for Samaritan’s Purse. It involved cutting the PVC pipes for the handles, drilling holes in the handles of the pipes to thread the ropes through, cutting the ropes themselves, then melting the end of the ropes to stop them fraying, then connecting the ropes to the handles, and finally wrapping the ropes ready for packaging. Not physically demanding, but mentally taxing. We think we have done about 1400 of the 20000, and we will be back there tomorrow working with the Agape children to do some more for half a day.

We stayed on for the afternoon playtime with the kids and being a Friday, we had longer with them this time which allowed for plenty of photos, games and hanging out together.

We moved from Agape to Jane’s house where we shared a meal together before Jane shared her testimony with us. Initially coming to Thailand on a short term mission trip, she described herself as the person least likely to live in Thailand or look after kids, and yet 33 years later, she has now fostered 67 children preparing them for adoption and the forever families. Such an inspirational, selfless example of loving others, and it was a privilege to spend that time listening to her. She challenged us at the end to look at every opportunity and not doubt our abilities to do them successfully, and to rely on God in all circumstances. Much to think about, which is what team members are now doing as they relax, shower and look forward to a much needed night’s sleep.

So tomorrow we are back to Agape to keep working, plus some sports and games in the afternoon, before returning to the hotel to plan our Sunday school program for Chiang Mai Community Church. Praise points:

  • Bree’s birthday and the positive attitude she displayed on such a taxing day of work.
  • A positive start to what will be a massive order for Agape with the ropes
  • People like Jane who exemplify selfless unconditional love despite the personal heartache every time one of her children is adopted.

Prayer points:

  • Continued production of ropes tomorrow.
  • Healing for one of our Thai friends who nicked his finger cutting pipes and needed to be stitched up.
  • Preparation for Sunday school program. Brad and Ben have done a heap of work getting ready and now the rest of us need to catch up and get on the same page.

Blessings to you all, and thanks for your support.

Thai team.



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