Day 2 – Wednesday December 27th, 2017

We awoke this morning to grey skies and rain falling, courtesy of some extreme weather conditions in South East Asia. This caused a few alterations to our plans for the first work day, but with heaps of flexibility and patience, we were underway fairly quickly.

Our job today was changed to the interior painting of four cottages, and the chosen colour was pink. Aaron dubbed his group ‘Team Fury’, and they quickly set about painting Cottage 3. Andrew and Zack’s team discovered they had three rooms in Cottage 5, as opposed to Team Fury’s two. Delwyn’s team who came prepared for scrubbing duties, were reallocated to Cottage 2 and got busy. Tammy’s team in Cottage 4 were also quick to get stuck into their work. All four teams were done and dusted by 11:30, and with the weather still unsuitable for outdoor work, we pulled up stumps and went to lunch. More work has been planned and set aside for tomorrow if we are blessed with no rain.

The Agape craft activity today was making planes out of icypole sticks and rubber bands (thanks to Fiona Cook for her prepared activity – it was awesome!!) There were heaps of kids and team members working together to come up with some well-designed creations.

There was one notable highlight which we captured in a photo. We have always been blessed by the generosity of people back home in Australia who have knitted various types of clothing for us to bring over and give to those in need. The Thai people thought today was exceptionally cold, and the Agape toddlers came out for activities wearing balaclavas and beanies. Obviously there was not enough of those for all the toddlers, so one young one was spotted wearing a knitted infant jumper on their head as a beanie, not what was originally intended, but perfect for the conditions they faced today. That child was happy and warm making their plane, and we thank all those who have given their time and energy to make clothing, or donate items like this to bless others.

At 5:30 the Agape children went off to dinner and we moved on to Central Festival for ours, followed by a team outing to watch Hugh Jackman’s film, the Greatest Showman. It seemed appropriate then that today’s quote reflected some of the sentiments of the movie. It also summed up our work this morning – there will be four residents living in the cottages we painted today who can enjoy freshly painted living quarters, no matter what circumstances they have faced up to this point. It was a joy to work with our team as they enthusiastically embraced the conditions and task at hand. We look forward to more work tomorrow and the chance to bless other people at McKean.

God Bless,

Thai team.


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