Day 2 – Thursday December 27th

Day 2 – Thursday December 27th

Today was a work day at McKean Rehabilitation Centre, which is a former leprosy colony. This hospital is 160+ acres in size, comprising the hospital itself, agricultural areas, aged care residential living, admin plus staff and patient housing. We were asked to do two separate jobs. The first one was to remove the security bars from the dementia ward at Dok Gaew, sand them back and then repaint them. It was a time consuming job with oil based paint and sticky fingers were quickly an issue. Having said that, the team removed four separate frames, and by the end of the day they had sanded them back and then given them a fresh white coat of paint. The second group were asked to complete a job started by a team a few weeks ago, painting the skirting board around the outside of the physiotherapy department. This group also exceeded expectations completing the designated task by lunchtime and as predicted the afternoon session found us continuing on past where we were expected to finish. Overall, two great results, and hopefully our photos do justice to the work. Those of you who have been with us can probably picture the lunch we enjoyed too, with khao soi, gweeteeyo, spring rolls and pork satay sticks.

After McKean we went straight to Agape but it was only a short visit as they had other guests coming for the evening meal. Some good photos of the continued relationships being developed with the kids. A number of our team have enjoyed the babies room, and they make a beeline for the little tackers as soon as they get off the taxis.

After dinner tonight, we spent some time putting together the magazines which will go out as part of the Free Burma Rangers annual newsletter. Tonight’s tally included Africa, Asia and Europe, plus New Zealand and Australia. We got through about 600-700 of them and are looking forward to the 3500 USA ones to be give at a later date.

Tomorrow we are working at Agape, manufacturing skipping ropes which they will produce for Samaritans Purse. The aim is a total of 20000 but we might not fully achieve that, but hopefully it will kick start their assembly line. We will finish the day hearing from Jane Arnott, whose testimony and stories about her time in Thailand will be inspiring and thought provoking. She has fostered over 60 children in 30 years here, preparing them for their adoptive families.

Praise points:

  • Katelin’s phone was returned to her today.
  • Two great results for our work day today

Prayer points:

  • Sharon felt much better this morning, but we continue to monitor her progress and hope tomorrow will be even better again.
  • A great start to the skipping ropes, and another awesome team working together.

Thanks for the messages and encouragement coming through. Glad you are enjoying the photos too.

God Bless, from the team.

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