Day 16 – Wednesday 10th January, 2018

We started today with our second last small group session talking about the changes we will face when we return home. We then headed back to McKean for the final work day, where we had three tasks. One group was finishing the security bars at Dok Gaew, another group moved furniture and laid pavers, and the third group was asked to clean out and then paint the room used to prepare bodies for cremations and funerals. This was a sensitive one given that Thai people often have fear of spirits, so asking foreigners to do this task sort of made sense. Photos will show that we did a great job on the jobs with only a little bit more on the security windows to do still.

This afternoon we visited Zoe’s Home and heard from some of their staff about the work of prevention, intervention and restoration for children involved in human trafficking. For most team members it was a grim reminder that the world we live in is not a healthy place, especially when children are used and abused by adults. For some it was surprising to learn that boys are equally likely to be trafficked, and that begging rings and labour rackets are just as dangerous and damaging as the sex trade. Amy commented to me afterwards that her reaction was one of anger, that it was not right, and we talked about the need to keep promoting these issues in our own society, because too often we get comfortable in the western world and we ignore the issues faced in developing countries. Between today’s confrontational issues and the information we distributed yesterday for FBR, it has clearly highlighted some of the problems that need to be addressed.

Tonight we celebrated our final night with dinner together at Oh Kajhu, and we had opportunity to share three things with the rest of the team: our personal highlight of the trip, something confrontational or challenging that we had experienced here, and something we would share with others back home to inspire them to do something like this. It was interesting to hear the varied responses. We then returned back to Green Lodge and went for the customary Thai massage or foot massage all together.

Now team members are busy doing some packing and preparations to return home. We will enjoy a day at a waterpark tomorrow then send them out to the airport in the late afternoon. Thanks to all who have supported this team and encouraged them. They have been great to work with.

God Bless and good night,

Thai team

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