Day 15 – Wednesday January 9th

This morning the team headed off to learn how to cook Thai food. Each team member was allowed to choose a soup, a stir fry, a curry and a dessert, and then they were taught how to make the dishes before eating their own creations.

The afternoon session was designated free time, to pack, to catch up on sleep, to finish shopping or whatever they wanted to do. This was followed by our final team dinner, and we were joined by our Thai friends, plus Laura and Heather and Trevor Smith. It was a fitting finish to our time here in Chiang Mai.

Tomorrow we head to Bangkok by plane and then to Hua Hin beach by bus. This will be two days of relaxation, debriefing and chill time together to reflect on what we have done and seen. There will be some pictures and a blog coming as we wind down and prepare to return home.

Thanks for all your support and God Bless,

Thai team.

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