Day 15 – Friday 29th, 2018

No quote today as we spent most of the day travelling to the Chomview resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. Our flight left at 10am and we then met our charter bus in Bangkok for a 4 hour drive south to Hua Hin. We are safely ensconced in the hotel rooms now having wandered around Cicada night market, then spending some time together in small groups.

The aim of the next two days is to allow the students to spend some time together processing the experiences and emotions from this trip. We talked tonight about how tight this group has become together, how the routines and structure of life in Chiang Mai now seems normal, and how things might change when we return.

Part of our small group tonight was spent writing what we call post it notes to each other. Over the two weeks, everyone has been encouraged to write something to every other team member, encouraging them, commending them, and thinking of a Bible verse for each other. Tonight we started the process of writing these comments into a book for each person, and we will complete that too over the next two days.

Some highlights:

  • Safe travel on plane and bus, and the prospect of rest and relaxation for team members as they reflect and prepare to return home.
  • Quality discussions with our small groups about the changes they have noticed in themselves and those within the team. These discussions include what we will do with the information and experiences we have been part of once we return home. We have encouraged each team member to consider advocating for one of more of the organisations we have visited, to promote the work and support further.

Tomorrow we have small group sessions planned, a possible walk on the beach, and lots of time to chat and share. Start your countdowns, Monday is coming and you can reunite with your team members. They will have lots to share at some point over the next few weeks.

God Bless,

Thai team.

2 responses to “Day 15 – Friday 29th, 2018

  1. Just arrived back from China reading all the blogs in one hit. Looks like the team has been encouraged and blessed in many ways. All the photos are great and bring back a lot of memories. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Thanks to all the Teachers for giving up family time. Thanks to Graham and Delwyn for leading the team. Mr Kane for the lovely photo’s.
    God bless you all.

  2. Well enjoy the next two days as you spend some time together processing the experiences and emotions from your trip.
    PRAY as you write your notes to each other. I am continuing to pray for Safe travel on plane and bus, and that you get a chance to relax before you return home. May this trip help to mould who you are as a young woman or man of God for now and for the future.
    Can’t wait to hear all about it! Once again a huge thank you to who ever writes this blog each day, so so so appreciated.

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