Day 14 – Tuesday, January 8th

Maureen led devotions this morning encouraging us to focus on resilience, and being grateful for what we have each day.

Our morning was spent putting 5000 stamps on envelopes, putting address labels on 4000 USA letters and finally sending off the complete set to the post office. A massive job well done, and completed by 12:15pm. The staff at FBR were very appreciative of the efforts and even joined in as part of the production line.

We then visited Thai Village handcrafts, an organisation started to help local Thai artisans in the promotion and selling of their goods. Liz and Katie shared about their desire to enable these craftspeople to stay in their villages, whilst still earning an income, and how this sort of opportunity helped local people to maintain a decent job. We had an opportunity to purchase from their shop and ask questions about their work.

After that we went to Agape for the final visit. There were several craft activities, some sports games, and general hang time. It was a very positive and cheery final farewell, with lots of photos and special memories from time spent together.

After Agape, we travelled out to Joan and Allan Eubank’s house for dinner and to hear their story. They shared about over 50 years of faithful missionary service, and how God’s plan for their lives far exceeded what they had planned out in their own minds. Joan was a former Broadway star who gave up fame and fortune to become a missionary in Thailand. Allan was an engineer in the oil business, and once they were married they moved to Thailand and have been actively involved in productions, evangelism, music and drama, teaching and preaching, and hosting people in their homes. Much food for thought as we drove home through an unusually rainy night.

Tomorrow the team heads out to learn how to cook Thai food, before a final afternoon preparing to leave Chiang Mai on Thursday morning. We will celebrate our final night here with a dinner at an organic restaurant.

Have a good night, and thanks for all your support while we have been here.

Thai team

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