Day 14 Monday 8th January, 2018

It was a very early start in the taxis today as we boarded them at 6:50am to go to CMIS where we were teaching the primary (they call it elementary here) children for the day. Each of our team were designated to groups or activities to run, and the children at the school enjoyed their activities immensely. The middle part of the day was an amazing race combined with a treasure hunt style theme, and all teams ran themselves into the ground searching for their 20 clues. They also had to complete 6 physical challenges on their way around the course.

After lunch the grade 3-5 children went back to class and the Pre K – Grade 2 kids came out. Slightly easier activities were planned and carried out, and we finished the day teaching them the Aussie, Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi chant which they bellowed out around the school.

A quick change and refreshment at Green Lodge was followed by the second last Agape visit. Frisbees were popular today with some very interesting throwing techniques. Tomorrow will be our last playtime with these children, and once again we are challenging our team to leave on a positive note without upsetting any children with long drawn out farewells. We have enjoyed interacting with them, through crafts, sports and general time together.

Tonight before descending on the night market, we had Mr Tyler from CMIS drop in for a visit. He and his family have lived here for two years now and he is the head of the primary school at CMIS, and coordinated our day today. He shared a bit of his personal testimony and how they ended up here in Chiang Mai. He challenged us at the end to keep trusting in God who always has the bigger picture in mind, rather than our own limited perspective. He provided positive feedback of our day at CMIS too which was pleasing to hear. It’s great to have Christian men and women teaching in international schools that we can meet and encourage, and we prayed for him at the end.

Tomorrow we spend the day with the Free Burma Rangers organisation, which was started by David Eubank 20 years ago. We will be collating and compiling 5000 plus magazine and brochures into envelopes and then stamping and addressing them, before sending them off to the post office. The annual Pray for Burma day is the second Sunday in March, and many of you might already be on the mailing list. We will bring some spare brochures back with us if you are interested in finding out about this group which takes supplies to displaced refugees in and around Thailand. We also have the 500 Good Life bags that we put together the other night, plus some donated clothing and other warm gear that they can use. Thanks to those who have donated in the past, and a special thanks to our friends at Aldi in Australia who provided warm clothing which will be greatly appreciated.

Not long to go now till your family members are home again.

God Bless,

Thai team.


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