Day 13 – Wednesday 27th, 2018


Devotions was led by Courtney, Erin and Brooke this morning. You have no idea how blessed we have been to hear from each room group during our morning devotions. Some of the things that have been shared have been spot on in terms of where we are at during this trip, and it has been awesome to hear from our students and worship together.


Today was our last official whole team work day, and we split up our team with one group heading to Agape to fix some of their bicycles, while the rest headed back to McKean and Suepnuteetum school. We were asked to clean and paint the exterior of the hospital and to clean and paint two patients cottages. Ms De Zilva’s group went back to the school to complete the murals they have been working on. The great news is that the school is done, the cottages are almost done (finishing tomorrow), the exterior of the hospital is now blue, and the bike crew fixed up 23 out of 25 bikes at Agape. A very solid effort and nice to tick off the job list.


After our usual work day lunch of Khao soi, satay stick and spring rolls, we visited Thai Village handcrafts. This organisation was started by Liz and Katie, two American ladies who saw a need and did something about it. The need was in the form of Thai village craftworkers who made some impressive items, but did not have avenues to market their goods and make a living. Liz and Katie work with the Thai workers, enabling them to work in their villages without needing to move away from their families, and the goods are sold here and overseas, with the profits going back to the people who make the goods. It has also become a very effective witness, and there is a church associated with it.


Our Agape visit was cancelled today due to a number of their children suffering gastric issues, and we really did not want to share them a day before travelling again. Instead we went to watch Incredibles 2, before spending the evening with Laura Borg who shared her experience of fostering and working with children here in Thailand. Laura’s challenge was ‘if you see something, you are responsible for it’. As Laura spoke several team members shared an overwhelming sense of appreciation for their families back home and the way we take things like that for granted.


Some highlights:

  • Work days have produced some excellent results, and team members have excelled at each of the tasks we have thrown at them.
  • Ms De Zilva completed a specatacular slide and fall today in the muddy conditions at Suepnuteetum, whilst trying to help move an immobile frog.
  • Team members supporting the work of Thai Village by buying heaps of the handcraft goods.
  • Josh Prior nominated his highlight as standing in the middle of the 23 repaired and finished bicycles at the end of their work day. The initial plan was to fix 5 if possible, so 23 was an amazing effort. He also said that Mr Smith’s tool box was one of the contributing factors behind the success.


Tomorrow team members had the option of doing a Thai cooking course or doing a half day of work. This will be followed by a visit with two amazing missionaries – more details on that tomorrow. We will also celebrate the end of our time in Chiang Mai with our final team meal. At the moment, all team members are busy packing and sorting out their belongings, so all is busy.


God Bless,

Thai team.

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