Day 13 – Sunday 7th January, 2018

Linda and Andrew Crawley led us in devotions this morning, and Linda challenged us to consider what we would do when we returned home. It has been easy, fun and challenging to start each day with devotions all together, but Linda wondered whether we would all find the time to start the day back home in the same manner.

We had the morning off to go to the Bua Tong waterfall which is a limestone waterfall about an hour out of Chiang Mai. The texture of the waterfall was such that you could walk up and down the waterfall on the limestone parts without slipping. The water itself was not cold either so it was a refreshing morning which then led into a lunch cooked by Dar and Orr, our taxi drivers and friends. It consisted of a beautiful northern Thai curry (Gang Hung Lay) with sticky rice.

This afternoon we were back at Chiang Mai Community Church running the Sunday School programme. The children loved the games, activities, story time and songs, and the parents who picked up their kids were excited to hear that we were going to be back at CMIS tomorrow teaching the primary children.

Tonight we went to the Sunday walking market, which is a street closed off to traffic on a Sunday night. Thousands of people frequent this market each Sunday night and some team members ventured into the throng of people to have a look, while others headed for a restaurant and a nice meal instead.

Team members are currently organising themselves for their teaching activities tomorrow. Every team member will be involved in running a group, or assisting with an activity. We are also doing an amazing race treasure hunt in the middle of the day which should be a lot of fun.

We have been keeping a close eye on the news from home with your weather temperature extremes and the bushfire situations, and you are in our prayers.

God Bless,

Thai team

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