Day 13 – Monday July 3

Today’s quote: “F.E.A.R. has two meanings: You can Forget Everything And Run or you can Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.”
Alicia, Shayley and Christie led devotions this morning talking about opportunities, bravery and trust. Tonight we prayed for Miss Newlin who returns to the border to continue teaching at a migrant school for the next 6 months. We heard last night about the difficulties that her students have come through and the conditions they face each day. We acknowledge Miss Newlin’s passion and courage and trust in God to go wherever He leads, and committed her to God tonight as she faces the next challenge. Students were moved by her testimony last night and have also given financially so that Miss Newlin has something to take back as a gift from our team that she can use to bless the socks off her students in the coming weeks.
Today was the final work day at McKean for this trip. We were asked to paint the walls we cleaned right back on the first day there. We had two big paint containers full of white paint ready to go. The painters did so well that a third tin was then brought in. Normally students complain when they think they have reached the end of the paint supply only to find out that another one appears. When Heather Smith brought in the third tin to this team, she was met with cheers and joy – she could not believe it. She also commended the students for being the quickest team to get out of taxis and start working. So the pictures will show that the painting at McKean was a success.
Now on a working high, we grabbed a quick lunch at Big C and then headed to Agape early to finish off the work we did there. There was more whippersnipping, mowing, weeding, gathering of leaves and the gardens and grounds looked heaps better by the time the Agape children returned from school. At that point the heavens opened, so all activities had to be moved under cover, but the children still had fun.
Tonight we celebrated a 10th and 8th birthday on the river cruise with two of Laura’s girls.
As we head into the last 6 days of this trip, please keep praying for our students. For some of them, this is the longest they have been away from home and family, and it would be easy to forget everything and run. Instead we would want them to keep embracing every opportunity, to face everything and rise to each challenge. It will be interesting to see the choices they make down the final stretch.

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