Day 12 – Tuesday June 26th, 2018


Josh S, Samuel and Jaysen were the devotion group leaders today, but due to a late start, they are sharing with us later tonight. Currently we are sitting in the Raintree Resource Centre, listening to Dr Smith talk about leprosy, but we will head back shortly.

This morning was designated as a team activity day where we enjoyed some zip lining through the mountains north of Chiang Mai. 40+ flying foxes, some longer than 600 metres, plus some abseiling formed the challenges over the two hour course.

We moved from there to the umbrella village where we marvelled at the artistic talents of some of the painters and ended up getting various items of our own painted on.

Then we moved to Agape and the craft activity was plasticine models, while the regular volleyballers continued their game.

Team members enjoyed a night in the night market before joining together to listen to Dr Trevor Smith, who chatted about leprosy and the work at McKean. As usual, we were treated to a lesson on the origins of leprosy in the Bible, and then he shared some of the reconstructive surgery procedures used at McKean to give patients functionality and the ability to make a living.

Today’s highlights:

  • Seeing team members gain confidence in their ability to wear a harness and make their way through the maze of zip lines.
  • Continued relationship building with the Thai children
  • A better understanding of leprosy. While we have worked there for a number of days now, we have not really had a chance to understand why this hospital exists, so tonight’s medical lesson was good for us.

Tomorrow we are back to McKean to complete some unfinished work, and to start and finish a couple more. We then visit Thai Village handcrafts, listen to Laura Borg share her testimony and learn about the work of Baan Op Un, and finally head to Agape once more. We will finish the day enjoying a movie together.

At this point of the trip we are trying to tie up loose ends and prepare for the return trip home. We would value your prayers in the final few days in Chiang Mai. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and for the comments you are sharing. Team members are excelling in so many areas, and they have been a pleasure to work with. We have been blessed abundantly, and we know that we have been able to bless many people here too.

Enjoy your Wednesday,


Thai team

4 responses to “Day 12 – Tuesday June 26th, 2018

  1. So great to hear of all the work you are doing and the things you are learning about, as well as seeing you enjoy new experiences too! The zip lining looks like so much fun . Continuing to pray for you all – and loving all the updates and photos.

  2. Oh wow the zip lines look absolutely amazing you guys must have had a ball.
    There are going to be some sad moments leaving Chaing Mai I suspect. Certainly once you hit Melbourne weather you will all wish for warmer weather but your families reception will be extremely warm I suspect.
    Continued prayers for each and every one you.
    Courtney Cameron you are a legend.❤️

  3. Wow lots of mixed facial expressions there. Some terrified, some not impressed, some crazies and some pure joy. Shame it was wet and muddy for you, but I’m sure a great experience you’ll never forget. We are still continuing to cover you in pray for your final few days. As I write the temperature (if you can call it that) is currently 4oC. We better bring blankets to the airport for pickup. Enjoy your final days and thanks again for sharing on the blog, I really appreciate it.

  4. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the daily update & seeing all the photos. It’s certainly made you feel a bit more connected to what you are all doing.
    We look forward to seeing what the quote of the day is too. It’s bern amazing how a few times now the quote has been a confirmation of something going on in our own lives. For example, one day last week one of my kids was struggling with something & so we were talking about how God ingeniously wrote Do not fear 365 times in the Bible, & the next morning when we opened the blog for that day, that was the very same quote, such a God coincidence! It’s actually happened about 3 times now! Such a big God!
    Continuing to pray for you all.

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