Day 12 – Saturday 6th January, 2018

Day 12 – Saturday January 6th, 2018

Devotions this morning was led by Ryan, TJ, and Brad who challenged us to trust God in all situations.

Our morning’s activity was taking the girls from the New Life Centre to an ice skating excursion. None of them had ever ice skated before, and most of our team were not regular ice skaters so the carnage on the ice was quite high early on, but as time passed, both Thai and Aussies were able to negotiate their way around the rink, mostly without the use of the penguins (for beginners). It was great to see our theme of perseverance shining through this morning. Emily spent the whole time with two girls, ensuring that they managed to stay vertical as much as possible and picking them up when they lost their balance. These girls have come from abusive situations and are now receiving an education and occupational training which will set them up in the future – such a better prospect for their lives compared to what could have been. Their joy at trying something new was contagious and we enjoyed a couple of hours with them.

We returned to the hotel to do some planning and preparation for the Sunday School programme tomorrow and the CMIS teaching day on Monday. Each team member is responsible for leading a group or an activity, so the pressure will truly be on – and the school day starts at 7:40am!!!  It will be an early start that day.

This afternoon we returned to the New Life Centre to share a worship service with them. Rebekah D, Johanna and Aaron shared some personal thoughts and challenges with the aid of Khun Fe’s translating skills, we sang some songs with and to them (thanks Ryan and Johanna) and then played some volleyball and takraw. One of the highlights occurred as we walked into the worship room. They were already seated on the ground with spaces between them, and as we walked in, whoever had been their skating buddy during the morning was invited to come and sit down with them – together once again.. They had some songs and games prepared which ended up being lots of laughs and fun.

Tonight we returned to the Moogata venue for dinner. Even though we had been there with the Agape children recently, it was obvious that these girls also loved the opportunity to cook their own food and they went at it pretty solidly for about an hour and a half. It was an awesome opportunity for them to practise their English skills on us, and our team was happy to assist. They were so grateful for the interactions and activities today and there were many farewells and “God Bless you’s” and “hope to see you again’s” as we piled into different taxis.

We would value prayer for a couple of team members who are feeling the effects of the flu. We want them to be fit and able to finish well, and certainly to travel home on Thursday night without being ill.

A massive couple of days coming up for us, with Sunday school tomorrow and a teaching day on Monday. Thanks for your support and prayers.

God Bless

Thai team

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