Day 11 – Thursday January 5

2 options this morning – one group heading to Laura’s to put the final coat of paint on what will be a drop in centre or safe haven room for young adults needing help, and the team smashed out two coats of a nice bright mint green colour. The other option was to go to Agape and run some craft activities and sports games during the morning – once again this team did really well.

After a lunch stopover, we visited the New Life Centre for hill tribe girls rescued from exploitation. We enjoyed a worship service with them, learning some new games and dances, before hearing some of their testimonies, and Katelin and Brad shared during the service as well from our team. Then we played volleyball, takraw and badminton with them before going to a moogata dinner. Imagine a hall which can seat 1000 plus, with each table holding its own charcoal barbeque set up in the middle of the table, and then 50 of us altogether choosing and cooking our own meat and vegies. The opportunity to get to know the girls and teach some English was quickly grasped and the meal ended up going for 2.5 hours. Their testimonies were powerful, their singing and praise time inspirational, and if any one of us went into the day thinking we had a rough time, that thought was quickly removed from our mindset. Today will remain a strong and positive memory of our time here for some time to come.

Tonight we put together 500 bags for the Good Life Club program, and these bags will be given to displaced refugees in and around Thailand. The bags included items like stationary, toiletries, and a personalise card written by the students from school, so our thanks to them because 500 cards would have taken us ages to complete.

Tomorrow we have a rest morning, with options for breakfast, before getting our Sunday school program ready for the afternoon church service. We will then visit the walking market, before catching our first ever tuk tuks home.

God Bless

Thai team

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