Day 11 – Monday June 25th, 2018

We were led by the Josh P pairing this morning on what was probably our earliest start for the trip, because we had lots of work jobs lined up at McKean and the school across the road. Josh and Josh titled their devotion ‘Giving gifts that last’, and gave us plenty to think about as we started our work day.  We had groups at the aged people residence scrubbing and then painting their undercover area, we finished the scrubbing of the wall along the road, and we continued the murals and painting at the school. Several jobs were completed in the day, which led Mrs Maidment’s group to move on the help Laura do some clearing and cleaning at her place, and Miss Rus took a few over to do some gardening as well.  The photos are proof of the great work finished today.

After the work day we went to Agape but the weather was foul and the rain poured down. That did not stop some of the team from playing wet weather volleyball. We had to come back to Green Lodge to change before enjoying a river cruise for dinner on the Mae Ping river together.

Some highlights:

  • Josh Prior nominated seeing the finished products of our work projects as his highlight for the day.
  • Kayleb Deeb discovered a hidden talent for making balloon animals and objects today out at Agape.
  • One of the elderly McKean residents joined us in the work area this morning, sitting in his wheelchair and he enjoyed the atmosphere of our young people working together.

Tomorrow we get to enjoy some zip lining together, before time with the Agape children and in the evening we will hear from Dr Smith about leprosy work, and what McKean does to help integrate patients back into society.

God Bless,

Thai team.

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