Day 10 – June 30

Today’s quote: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
This was so evident to us tonight as we headed to Zoe’s Home to join them in a worship service. Carol spoke to us when we got there. She is one of the founders of Zoe’s Home and her passion for Jesus, and spreading the gospel was compelling and inspiring. One of her gems tonight was that to hug a Christian meant that Jesus should then ooze out of every hole. She implored our students to follow God’s leading and to be passionate and committed in doing so. She recognised that this current generation is regarded as being one of the most aware when it comes to social justice issues. We could have sat and listened for much longer, it was that good.

But it continued when Brad spoke to us about intervention and prevention methods used in restoring young people who have been victims of human trafficking. It is so much bigger and more organised than we thought, and it doesn’t matter what level prevention rises to, the enemy continues to find ways to exploit children. Both Brad and Carol epitomised the quote from today, sharing about their love for God’s children and how they have come to this point in Thailand where they are engrossed in their passions.

Then it stepped up a notch when we went to join the Zoe family for their worship time. I asked students to describe tonight, and we got back comments like: “the presence of God was thick”, or “we could have gone for hours”, or “God’s kingdom on earth”, or “genuine and powerful”, or “committed” or “real”. Some of the young people shared a brief testimony, with one girl encouraging us all to pray for children in other countries who were victims of persecution. The whole time was confronting, inspiring, humbling, amazing, and yet convincingly real. Awesome to see young people whose lives have been transformed by God through this organisation and the work they do. Our team was encouraged to think about how they could relay the images and memories of tonight to you all when they return home in such a way that does it justice.

The rest of the day sort of pales into insignificance in comparison, but our team did do a cooking course this morning, learning to cook a variety of dishes. They were able to eat what they had made, which was obviously a good sign.

Tomorrow we run a games and activity morning at Agape, followed by lunch with the Agape children before going to the New Life Centre for another worship service with their girls. They too are involved in rescuing young ladies from trafficking situations. We will finish the time with them sharing a moogata meal together.

To sum today up though, we met people who have not spent their lives asking “what if?’ or “if only”. We met people who put their trust in God, who used the skills sets God had given them and the previous experiences in their own backgrounds to come alive in this place, demonstrating their passion and commitment and real-ness in the ugliness of this world.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
God Bless

Thai team and staff

Owing to the sensitive nature of their work there are no photos of ZOE

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