Day 1 – Wednesday December 26th

Day 1 – Wednesday December 26th

Today’s quote: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” – Mother Teresa

Here we are again, in Chiang Mai with another team, ready to impact others and help wherever we can. The team touched down around 9:30am and by 10am we had loaded the truck with the luggage, and were on our way to the hotel. The process of settling in to accommodation, organising local currency, and orienting ourselves around town was also accomplished smoothly.

After a quick lunch we stopped in at Big C to sort out local sim cards and internet connection and then we headed to Agape where Avis Rideout chatted with us about the home and how it started. Once the children came home from school, we had team members playing volleyball, jumping on the trampolines, while some just wanted to walk around with a new found friend. The time went very quickly and even though team members were tired from travelling, they found their second wind and made the most of their time with the kids.

We have grabbed a quick dinner on the way home and even though its not yet 8pm local time, most team members have gone to bed, after what feels like a really long day.

Tomorrow we head out to McKean for work day #1, repainting security bars on the dementia ward at Dok Gaew or painting the skirting board around the physiotherapy department.

Praise points from today:

  • Katelin lost her phone on the plane and our transport coordinator Dar has been on the phone from Chiang Mai to Bangkok all day and only just reported that the phone was found (one of 4 phones left on the one flight) and it will be returned to us tomorrow morning.
  • Great start to relationship building at Agape.

Prayer point:

  • Sharon feeling a bit under the weather after a long day, lots of travel and different foods. We trust a good night’s sleep will do wonders.

That’s it for today – tune in tomorrow for some more.

God Bless, from a very tired team, but ready to make an impact wherever we can.

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