Day 1 – Tuesday December 26th, 2017

The team touched down this morning on time and we were quickly loading up the trucks with luggage and on our way to the hotel. Sorting through all the donated food, clothing, toys, books and other gear took some time, but we have assembled quite the collection which will be given to the organisations and groups who can use it most for people in need. Even as I write this first blog, the nappies and some clothing has already been collected for two separate foster homes, and it was greatly appreciated.

Getting everyone sorted with local currency was the next item on our day, and for once there were no issues with cards. We also managed a quick trip to the day market where the sticky rice and pork was keenly sought and bought.

After a late lunch, we headed off to Agape for the first visit with the children there. One young boy was excited to see not one or two but all three of the Crawley siblings and parents there, and his smile reuniting with his Crawley buddies of previous trips was awesome. Very quickly, there was a soccer game underway, then volleyball, not to mention some trampolining, and bike riding together. There was one young boy new to Agape who looked concerned for quite a while at all the noise and activity going on, but by the end when I said goodbye and told him we would be back tomorrow, he responded with a smile and waved back. Check out the photos to catch a glimpse of the time we spent out there with all the kids.

After dinner we had a quick team meeting and chatted about the incredible opportunities that we have over the next 16 days. I used the example of Andrew C yesterday chatting to a foreign worker over Christmas lunch who said she had some work that she was desperate to have done at her house. Andrew had a quick look at the jobs and it would seem that we can help her out later this week. What a shame it would have been if that small step had not been taken and an opportunity would have been missed.  We pray that every team member will grasp each opportunity that comes their way during this trip, and that God will bless each interaction, conversation and action. I look forward to more stories like that as we journey here together.

Your team members all have individual SIM cards now with local numbers and internet connections, so you should be able to contact them if needs be. By all means contact me if you need to on +66 86 1981154.

God Bless

Thai Team



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